BritSpin 2019 Terms and Conditions

  • BritSpin logos are not owned by BritSpin. We have full permission from the owner to allow their use at our discretion. With administrators' permission, this can be used for Magazines, Blogs etc. Logos may not be altered or changed in any way. However, they are available in various sizes. Administrators will need to know where and how the logos will be used before permission is granted.
  • BritSpin administrators and moderators have the right to act as they see fit in the best interests of individual spinners and the event regarding deadlines and other rules. As an example, administrators may decide to move individual spinners from a team that was disbanded at the last minute, to active teams with spaces, after the deadline for joining a team has passed.
  • BritSpin administrators and moderators do not accept unsolicited private messages. Do not PM any one of the moderators unless specifically invited to do so. Any such permitted communication must follow Ravelry's Community Guidelines. Any spinner can ask questions in the Information Booth thread For any query you want to be seen by only the BritSpin administrators and moderators you can raise a flag on your own or any post within the BritSpin group. Or email the administrators and moderators at
  • Photos: Posting of photographs in the Team Thread is not mandatory but is very much encouraged so all spinners can enjoy sharing the achievements of others. The top 3 placed Marathon teams, top 3 placed individual winners of the Marathons and any individual spinners gaining Medal Points in Extra Events that count towards their team being the Overall Winner of BritSpin 2019 will be required, if they have not already posted photos in the Ravelry group, to submit photos of their spinning or achievement to the Administrators within an agreed time period.
  • All participants will follow Ravelry's Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.
  • All teams and spinners must abide by the Terms and Conditions and instructions as written.
  • Administrators' and moderators' decisions are final.

BritSpin administrators and moderators are listed at the bottom of this page:

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