Teams can be up to 10 spinners, including a team captain. Businesses entering their own team can have more than one team linked to them, but each team competes as a separate team and all spun totals and awards are for each individual team.

No combined team totals are allowed.

All spinners must compete as part of a team.

Date & Time

BritSpin is a 4 day event and will start at 12.01am on Thursday 11 October 2018 and finish at Midnight on Sunday 14 October 2018 BST

This is regardless of which time zone you are in so we can all begin and end together. We will be working to British Summer Time, also known as UK Daylight Saving Time.

Allowable Techniques and Categories

For the main event any hand-spinning technique may be used. Some awards specify which technique may be used.

BritSpin Ravelry Group

The team captain must be a member of Ravelry and participate in their group thread, at a minimum by posting the results of their team members' spinning.

Fibre and Fleece

Any fibre or fleece suitable for spinning by hand can be used.

Presentation and measuring of yarn spun

All yarn that is to be counted towards individual and team totals must be plied and wound from the bobbin/spindle before the end of the event. The yarn does not have to be twisted into a skein or washed to qualify, but should be wound from the bobbin, during which process the length should be measured and submitted in metres.

All entries must be spun, plied, wound and measured by the spinner.

The length of yarn submitted is a calculation based on the number of plies in the finished plied yarn. You would count the total length of all the plied singles in your yarn by multiplying the length of the finished yarn by the number of plies. Then you add on the total length once to account for the plying of the singles.

If you use Navajo (chain) plying, that counts as a 3 ply yarn.

The equation is:

  • Length of wound-off plied yarn x Number of plies + 1x Length (for plying credit)

You cannot use an existing yarn to ply with single(s) you've spun during the event. All components of your yarn must begin the event as fibre or fleece.

You can only gain credit for one plying in a yarn, so cable yarns (made up of 2 or more plied yarns plied together) cannot be awarded a credit for the 2nd or subsequent plying.

Preparation of your fibre or fleece before the event begins is allowed as long as that does not involve any spinning or twisting of the fibre or fleece.

Registration Donations

There is no team registration fee. All participating spinners are invited to donate a minimum of £5 directly to Air Ambulance through the BritSpin Virgin Giving Page. Link

Submitting results and announcing winners

Each spinner should submit their final length to their team captain within 24 hours of the end of the event.

The team captain is then responsible for submitting the team total and the total for each individual spinner within 72 hours from the end of the event.

The results will be announced in the Ravelry Group and on the website within one week of the end of the event.

Supported by:

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