BritSpin 2019 - Marathons and Extra Events

Team Marathon - any hand-spinning technique

  • Team members combine their total BritSpin length (see Information for Spinners) and the Captain submits their team total to BritSpin using the form available through the BritSpin website.
  • The winner of the Team Marathon is that team that spins the greatest combined length of BritSpin metres.

Individual Marathon - any hand-spinning technique

  • The winner of the Individual Marathon (any technique) is that person who spins the greatest length of BritSpin metres.

Individual Marathon - Spindle spinning (and spindle plying for plied yarns)

  • The winner of the Individual Marathon Spindle Spinning (spindle only for spinning AND plying) is that person who spins the greatest length of BritSpin metres using only a spindle.

Entry to both Individual Marathon events is by individual spinners posting in a designated thread for each marathon in the BritSpin Ravelry group. Post your length spun in BritSpin metres before 21.00 BST Tuesday 15 October. You MUST include your team name in your post for any points gained to be counted towards your team total. Please include a photo of your yarn if possible (see photo section of Terms and Conditions).

More than a Marathon - Extra Events for 2019

  • Yardage created in these events can be counted towards your individual and team marathon totals.
  • The deadline for posting in the designated event threads is 21.00 BST Tuesday 15 October.
  • Achievement Medals or Place Medals will be awarded.
  • Threads for each of the 4 challenges will open before BritSpin starts and chat is allowed.
  • The Photo threads are NO CHAT threads.

Learn a New Skill Challenge

The challenge is to learn a new spinning skill at any time during BritSpin. It can include any spinning related skills including spinning, plying, or preparing fleece or fibre. You may learn this from another spinner or from a book or online resource. You can enter this challenge more than once!

There will be a thread for you to post in describing your experience of gaining your new skill in spinning, plying, or preparing of fleece or fibre, and for you to post one or more photos if possible (see photo section of Terms and Conditions).

BritSpin Breedathon - Team and Individual Challenges

How many different breeds or recognised and named cross-breeds of sheep can a team or individual spin during BritSpin, with minimum 50g fibre per breed?

The list of breeds and cross-breeds that you can use in the Breedathon can be found in the Breedathon Allowed Breeds List.

For any breeds of sheep not on the list you must follow the instructions at the top of the Breedathon Allowed Breeds List and raise your query BEFORE the start of BritSpin.

No blended fibres are allowed in the Breedathon.

Results should be posted in the Breedathon thread clearly post TEAM RESULT or INDIVIDUAL RESULT in capitals at the start of your post. The result post, by the Captain for the Team Result, should give the number of breeds, list the breeds and contain as many photos as possible (see photo section of Terms and Conditions).

Bakewell Bingo - Options for those at Bakewell Wool Gathering and those who can't make it

A fun event, named in honour of Bakewell Wool Gathering which takes place on the last 2 days of BritSpin, 12-13 October.

We will be providing 2 options of 'bingo card' for you to print out.

The aim is to find and cross off as many as possible of the spinning related and other items/activities listed on your card.

Post your achievement in the Bakewell Bingo thread. Include in your post any relevant photos if possible (see photo section of Terms and Conditions). Medals will be awarded for a full house.

BritSpin Sprint

Spin AND ply as long a length as possible within 1 hour at any time during BritSpin. The skill includes calculating how long you'll need within the 1 hour to complete the plying of your yarn!

Careful timing and calculation is needed and you may wish to practice earlier during BritSpin before submitting your entry.

You can produce a yarn with as many plies as you wish and calculate your length in BritSpin metres. Your Sprint length can be added to your total BritSpin length.

All the fleece/fibre you use for the sprint must begin as fleece or fibre. No pre-spun or commercial yarns can be included.

One entry only per spinner.

Post your length achieved as soon as possible after winding off and measuring your length. Include in your post any relevant photos if possible (see photo section of Terms and Conditions). Place medals will be awarded.

Photo Threads and Competitions - 2 options.

  • You may add ONE short explanatory sentence to your post.
  • By posting in either of these threads you are giving the BritSpin organisers permission to use your photo on the website, social media or in promoting BritSpin.
  1. Spinning in Public or With Friends (competitive, voting by 'love button' clicks). Each spinner can enter ONE photo in this competition, but individual spinners at the same event or gathering can each enter a photo of it. Medals will be awarded for the 3 most popular photos.
  2. Share any aspect of your BritSpin experience (non-competitive). Post as many photos as you wish to share your experience with the rest of us.

Awards and prizes for 2019

The overall winning team is that team which achieves the greatest number of medal points in both the Marathons and Extra Events combined.

Please see the More than a Marathon - How to win BritSpin page for full details.

In 2019 the overall winning team will help BritSpin administrators to choose the charity that BritSpin will support for the 2020 BritSpin event.

For all events there will be medals awarded in the form of 'badge' images that you can add to your Ravelry profile, blogs, team thread, and print to wear as a badge.

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