BritSpin 2019 - Information for Spinners

BritSpin Start Date and Time: 21.00 BST Wednesday 9 October 2019
BritSpin End Date and Time: 21.00 BST Sunday 13 October 2019

With the captain's acceptance, you will be spinning in a team of up to 10 spinners, including the Team Captain and Deputy (all spinners must compete as part of team).

BritSpin is a Ravelry based event, taking place in the BritSpin group - All information about the event can be found there and on the BritSpin website

Fibre and Fleece

Any fibre or fleece suitable for spinning by hand can be used. It doesnt have to be wool. But we encourage you to try some British wool fibre or fleece as part of your BritSpin experience.

Allowable Techniques

Any hand-spinning technique may be used. Some events specify spindle spinning (and plying) only.

Yarns and Measuring

Your finished yarn, whether plied or single ply, must be wound off the bobbin and measured before the end of BritSpin, 9pm Sunday 13 October and all this must be done by you, the spinner.

If your yarn is plied then, in addition to counting the number of singles in the plied yarn that you have spun yourself during BritSpin, you can gain an extra plying credit calculated from your measured yarn length.

Any commercial threads, or singles in your yarn that haven't been spun by yourself during BritSpin can't be included in the calculation of your BritSpin length.

The equation for plied yarn is:

Length of wound-off plied yarn x Number of plies that you have spun during BritSpin + 1x Length (for plying credit)

Please check the Yarn and Measuring Sheet for extra information.

Any queries about what counts for submitting as BritSpin length, please ask before spinning.


Events include a Team Marathon, Individual Marathons and a variety of other challenges and events for you to enjoy. Full details on the website and Ravelry group.

Registration Donations

There is no team registration fee. All participating spinners are invited to donate a minimum of £5 directly through BritSpin Virgin Money Giving Page. In 2019 ALL funds raised will be donated directly to charities supporting those with Alzheimers within the UK.

Prizes and Awards

The overall winning team is that team which achieves the greatest number of medal points in both the Marathons and Extra Events combined. Please see the More than a Marathon - How to win BritSpin page for full details.

The winning team will help to choose the charity BritSpin will support next year. See Marathons and Extra Events Page for full details.

For other events there will be medals awarded in the form of badge images that you can add to your Ravelry profile, blogs, team thread, and print to wear as a badge.


All your yarn must be wound off bobbins and measured before 21.00 BST Sunday 13 October. The deadline for submitting entries for individual marathon events and to your Captain for the team marathon is 21.00 BST Tuesday 15 October.

For all the extra events the deadline for submissions is the same - 21.00 BST Tuesday 15 October.

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