BritSpin 2019 - More than a Marathon: How to win BritSpin

This year, to fit more with our 'more than a marathon' ethos, the overall winner will be determined not by which team spins the most yardage, but by which team wins the most medal points. Yardage is still an important part of this, but taking part in other events will also help your team get closer to winning. The value of each medal will be different depending on the level of the medal and the importance of the event. For example, the team winning the gold medal for yardage will get many more points than an individual member winning a bronze medal in the photo competition.

Medals/points can be earned by the team as a whole, and also by individual team members. When entering as an individual, you MUST include your team name in your entry post for your points to be counted towards the team total.

The points value of each medal can be seen in the table below.

Team Events Points Awarded Individual Events Points Awarded
Team Marathon Gold 100 Individual Marathon Spindle Gold 20
Team Marathon Silver 80 Individual Marathon Spindle Silver 16
Team Marathon Bronze 50 Individual Marathon Spindle Bronze 12
Team Breedathon Gold 50 Individual Marathon Any Technique Gold 20
Team Breedathon Silver 40 Individual Marathon Any Technique Silver 16
Team Breedathon Bronze 30 Individual Marathon Any Technique Bronze 12
Individual Breedathon Gold 10
Individual Breedathon Silver 8
Individual Breedathon Bronze 6
Sprint Gold 10
Sprint Silver 8
Sprint Bronze 6
Photo Competition Gold 10
Photo Competition Silver 8
Photo Competition Bronze 6
Bakewell (or non-Bakewell) Bingo Full House 10
Learn A New Skill Challenge (maximum 5 entries per spinner) 2
(per entry)

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