BritSpin 2020, Freetreadlers group

BritSpin Start Date and Time: 21.00 BST Wednesday 14 October 2020
BritSpin End Date and Time: 21.00 BST Sunday 18 October 2020

Spinners in this category are spinning for themselves for pleasure or in a competition against other registered Freetreadlers.

As competing participants, your aim is to spin and ply to create combined maximum length of yarns in the given time frame for the event.

How do I join in BritSpin and the Freetreadlers group?

BritSpin is a Ravelry based event, taking place in the BritSpin group. All information about the event can be found there and on the BritSpin website.

To participate as a Freetreadler you will need to register through our BritSpin website registration (now closed).

As a 'receipt' for a successful registration, please wait and you will be sent a private message on Ravelry personal messages (PM), linking you to the Freetreadlers group thread.

All the spinners for this category will be listed with their Ravelry names on the group thread.

Registrations are closed 21.00 BST, Monday 12 October.

Should you wish to make a change for a spinning place in one of our teams, please contact us BEFORE the registration closes.

Fibre and Fleece

Any fibre or fleece suitable for spinning can be used, it does not have to be wool. We do encourage you to try some British wool fibres or fleece as part of your BritSpin experience.

Preparation of your fibre or fleece before the event begins is allowed if it does not involve any advance spinning or twisting of the fibre or fleece.

Allowable Techniques

Any hand-spinning technique may be used.

Yarns and Measuring

All the yarn to be entered and accepted in the BritSpin competition will have to be spun during the event.

Your finished yarn, whether plied or single ply, must be wound off the bobbin and measured before the end of BritSpin, by 9pm Sunday 18 October and all this must be done by you, the spinner.

If your yarn is plied then, in addition to counting the number of singles in the plied yarn that you have spun yourself during BritSpin, you can gain an extra plying credit calculated from your measured yarn length.

The equation for plied yarn for calculating the measurements is:

Length of wound-off plied yarn x number of plies that you have spun during BritSpin + 1x Length (for plying credit)

All lengths must be submitted in metres.

Any queries about what counts for submitting as BritSpin length, please ask before spinning.

Registration Donations

There is no registration fee. All participating spinners are invited to donate a minimum of £5, directly through BritSpin Virgin Money Giving Page. BritSpin charity for 2020 is RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) who will receive all the donated funds.

How to win if spinning as competitor - awards...

The winner of the Individual Spinners group is the spinner who spin the longest combined length of yarn. You will need to register your results in our website by 21.00 BST Tuesday 20 October to enter your results into competition.

In addition you will have to provide photo(s) of your yarn on the group's Ravelry thread by Wednesday 21st of October. **

There are no BritSpin prizes as give-aways but there will be medals awarded in the form of virtual 'badge' images that you can add to your Ravelry profile, blogs, and print to wear as a badge.

Further information and announcement of the competition results will be published in BritSpin Ravelry thread.

Sponsoring and Sponsor fibre

If you have a Sponsor, please mention them in their social media posts. Please thank your sponsor, sending if possible, any news and photo(s) of the yarn spun from their fibre/fleece.

If you want to apply for a BritSpin Sponsor fibre, then read the following information


  • Registrations close 21.00 BST 12th of October
  • All your yarn must be wound off from bobbins and measured before 21:00 BST Sunday 18 October
  • The deadline for submitting entries for a competition is 21.00 BST Tuesday 20 October
  • Posting photos of the yarn to be entered into competition results by 21:00 BST Wednesday 21 October **
  • ** Photos: Posting of photographs in Thread is not mandatory but is very much encouraged so all spinners can enjoy sharing the achievements of others. For Spinners entering their results into competition form, posting photos of their yarn(s) is a requirement.


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