BritSpin 2019 - Information for Captains

BritSpin Start Date and Time: 21.00 BST Wednesday 9 October 2019
BritSpin End Date and Time: 21.00 BST Sunday 13 October 2019

What will I have to do?

  • Register your team via the website. Closing date for registration is 21.00 Wednesday 2 October 2019.
  • Appoint a Team Deputy Captain - this person should be prepared to take on Captain's role if necessary.
  • Manage your team of up to 10 spinners, including yourself and Deputy Captain. Spinners can join your team up to 21.00 Tuesday 8 October 2019.
  • If you want to apply for a Team Sponsor then read the information in the Team Sponsors Thread, which will be run by Finsky.
  • Please read the following pages, ask in the Information Booth thread regarding anything you're unsure about, and please make sure your team understands all the instructions in the pages and is aware of all relevant deadlines. (Please make sure that any of your team members who won't have internet access during BritSpin have printed copies of the pages.)
    1. Information For Spinners page
    2. Marathon and Extra Events page
    3. More than a Marathon - How to Win BritSpin page
    4. Yarn and Measuring page
    5. Terms and Conditions page

There are significant differences from 2018, so please read and ensure your team understand all the instructions for 2019, especially noting how the overall winning team will be determined.

  • Once your Team thread is opened by an Administrator, you must post the names of the members of your Team and keep it updated, indicating the Team Deputy Captain. Use Ravelry names where possible, otherwise first or nickname. The welcome post to your Team thread will include instructions to your team members not to post until you have had made as many place-marker posts at the start of your thread as you would like to have. The first place-marker post should be for listing your team members.
  • Maintain regular posts and updates about your team in the Team thread and encourage your spinners to post in your Team thread.
  • Ensure your team are informed of any updates during BritSpin from the locked 'Update' thread.
  • If you have any questions at any time, you can post in the Captains' Lounge thread, or the Information Booth thread, raise a flag on any post or email
  • Ensure all Team Members are aware of the Charity being supported and direct them to the donation website. All participating spinners are invited to donate a minimum of £5 directly through BritSpin Virgin Money Giving Page. In 2019 ALL funds raised will be donated directly to charities supporting those with Alzheimers within the UK.
  • There are no BritSpin prizes as give-aways. Teams can, if they wish, hold intra-team challenges or competitions with prizes.
  • If you have a Team Sponsor please encourage your team to mention them in their social media posts. Please thank your sponsor, sending if possible news and photo(s) of yarn spun from their fibre/fleece.
  • Submit your Team total metres via the website by 21.00 BST Wednesday 16 October.

Photos: Posting of photographs in the Team thread is not mandatory (see Terms and Conditions sheet for requirements for winning team/spinners) but is very much encouraged so all spinners can enjoy sharing the achievements of others.

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