The British Wool Spinning Marathon is a challenge event linked to UK Wool Week.

Challenge, Fun, Friends, Charity

Teams will consist of up to 10 members - this should enable not only businesses, but Guilds and groups of friends to enter a team. However two or more separate teams from the same business, Guild or group will be able to share a thread in the Ravelry group if they wish.

There will no entry fee to register a team. Spinners will be invited to donate a minimum of £5 each and ALL this money will go to the 2019 chosen charity.

Within the main 4 day marathon event there will be more fun and challenging events for spinners to enjoy. As this is a marathon, categories will naturally be 'sport' related and fun, and inclusive of spindles as well as wheels.

Britspin has already secured sufficient funding to meet all start up costs and beyond, including sponsorship from Fibre-East

Supported by:

British Wool Woolsack - make it personal - use British wool Fibre East Curtis Wool Direct Campaign for Wool Wooltops Adam Curtis Online